Magic Ring Donuts are the only round donuts on the planet that feature filling in every bite. Experience it today!

Magic Ring Donuts

Baker Boy injects Magic Ring Donuts into C-Stores

Every so often, an idea comes along that takes a time-tested product and injects new life into it.


That’s literally what Baker Boy has accomplished with its new Magic Ring® Donuts. The bakery manufacturer is the first in North America to inject jelly and crème fillings into yeast-raised ring donuts – with delicious results that have customers coming back for more.


“We’re very proud to be the only bakery manufacturer making donuts like this in North America,” Baker Boy President Guy Moos said. “We have five flavors, with more on the way, and are constantly working on new fillings and filling combinations to align with customer requests and consumer demands.”


Baker Boy offers five flavors of Magic Ring Donuts, all of which come frozen in 60-count cases – sized with C-store foodservice operations in mind – and ready to decorate with the operator’s choice of icings and toppings.


The first three flavors of Magic Ring Donuts successfully launched in the fall of 2018. They included filled-donut favorites Raspberry Jelly and Bavarian Crème, as well as an innovative new dual-injected Chocolate & Bavarian Crème donut.


The immediate success of those flavors led Baker Boy to add two new flavors in January 2019 – Blueberry Jelly and Strawberry Cream Cheese, which is injected with both Strawberry Jelly and Cream Cheese fillings.


Magic Ring Donuts begin with Baker Boy’s signature yeast-raised ring donuts, which are then filled with jellies or crèmes through an injection process exclusive to Baker Boy. The combination has led to the first ring donuts in North America featuring delicious filling in every bite and without the typical overwhelming glob of jelly or crème falling out of donuts and onto a customer’s chin, or worse, their shirts.


The Magic Ring Donuts are sold through distributors and are already available at many convenience stores, supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, and other segments throughout the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states, which leaves plenty of room for C-store chains to be the first in their markets to carry this one-of-a-kind donut line.


“Baker Boy has been making delicious donuts since my father, Marvin Moos, opened a storefront bakery in 1955,” Moos said. “Now we want everyone in the country to be able to taste what our customers have known for years – there’s nothing better than a Baker Boy donut.”


Baker Boy is far from finished innovating with its Magic Ring Donuts either. Baker Boy plans to introduce three fully finished thaw-and-serve Magic Ring Donuts in the fall of 2019 when it debuts its new line of thaw-and-serve iced and glazed donuts at the National Association of Convenience Stores Show in Atlanta.


A whole grain apple-filled Magic Ring Donut geared toward the K-12 schools segment, but available to the entire marketplace, is also on the horizon for a fall 2019 launch.


Both product launches will coincide with Baker Boy’s multimillion-dollar investment into the renovation and modernization of its donut automation system.


Along with Magic Ring Donuts, Baker Boy offers a full line of ready-to-ice and thaw-and-serve donuts, all of which have proven ideal for C-store operations.


Headquartered in Dickinson, N.D., Baker Boy manufactures premium bakery products for foodservice, bakery, supermarket, C-store and private label customers. To learn more about the company, its history, as well as the Magic Ring Donuts and Baker Boy’s full line of products, visit