Magic Ring Donuts are the only round donuts on the planet that feature filling in every bite. Experience it today!

Magic Ring Donuts

Baker Boy’s donut innovation a boon to operators

A year ago, Baker Boy set out with a goal to sell the most innovative and mouth-watering donuts on the market.

The bakery manufacturer this week celebrates the one-year anniversary of its delicious Magic Ring Donuts, the American marketplace’s first and only yeast-raised ring donuts injected with filling. Thanks to an impressive investment in new donut-making equipment, Baker Boy is now ready to bring those donuts to customers throughout the country.

In September, Baker Boy will put the finishing touches on an $11 million modernization and expansion of its donut manufacturing line that increased its donut-making capacity from 5,000 per hour to 22,000 per hour. The upgraded machinery has created more consistent and attractive donuts – all with the same great taste Baker Boy customers have come to expect.

It all begins with the Magic Ring Donuts. The eight-point injected donuts are sold frozen, undecorated and bulk packed in 60-count cases. Customers then decorate these ready-to-ice treats at store level.

“This is an exciting moment for Baker Boy and for our customers who have been enjoying the Magic Ring Donuts since we first launched them,” Baker Boy President Guy Moos said. “Our donuts look better than ever and taste just as good as they always have, but now we have the ability to bring them to customers far and wide. We want everyone in the country to be able to taste what our longtime customers have known for years – there’s nothing better than a Baker Boy donut.”

Baker Boy offers five flavors of Magic Ring Donuts:

  • Raspberry Jelly
  • Blueberry Jelly
  • Bavarian Crème
  • Dual-injected Chocolate & Bavarian Crème
  • Dual-injected Strawberry Cream Cheese

A sixth flavor, Apple filled in a whole grain ring donut, will be available in the fall.

While this week marks one year since Magic Ring Donuts first hit the market, the donut party is just getting started at Baker Boy.

Baker Boy will showcase the Magic Ring Donuts and more of its innovations at the National Association of Convenience Stores Show in Atlanta this October.

At NACS, Baker Boy will debut The Donut Hole® Thaw-and-Serve donuts, a fully finished donut line highlighted by select flavors of Magic Ring Donuts alongside traditional favorites and a one-of-a-kind Apple Filled Fritter. The Apple Filled Fritter is injected with delicious apple filling similar to the Magic Ring Donut process to create an ooey-gooey cinnamon apple donut customers won’t be able to resist.

The Donut Hole Thaw-and-Serve donuts, which will be available this fall, are ideal for convenience stores struggling with either labor retention or foodservice preparation, or operators who are simply looking for an easier way to sell fresh and delicious high-quality donuts without the fuss of preparation.

Each donut in The Donut Hole Thaw-and-Serve line will be sold in cases of six-pack overwrapped trays that include nutritional information and branding. The trays allow convenience stores to sell the donuts as branded six-packs or as singles inside of their bakery case.

Be sure to visit Baker Boy at the NACS Show inside the Advantage Solutions Booth #1011 and taste for yourself how their delicious donuts can boost revenues for your convenience store and keep customers coming back for more.

To learn more about Magic Ring Donuts, The Donut Hole Thaw-and-Serve donuts and other Baker Boy products, call 1-800-437-2008 or email

Headquartered in Dickinson, N.D., Baker Boy is a family owned manufacturer of premium bakery products, including a full line of ready-to-ice donuts, for foodservice, bakery, supermarket, C-store and private label customers. To learn more about the company, its history, and the full line of Baker Boy products, visit