Magic Ring Donuts are the only round donuts on the planet that feature filling in every bite. Experience it today!

Magic Ring Donuts

Yes! We made a donut for schools. But all ages are going to love it.

We’ve heard it already.

“So you’re making a donut (pause for effect) for schools?”

Our response: Baker Boy isn’t just making a new Magic Ring® Filled Donut for schools. We’re making a donut with exceptional quality and taste that’s great for ages 3 to 103.

Earlier this year, Baker Boy set out to expand its line of Magic Ring Donuts with a flavor and taste geared toward our customers who provide meal solutions to K-12 school breakfast and lunch programs while also creating a flavor that everyone could enjoy.

Our wonderful bakers came up with the RTI Magic Ring Apple Filled Donut with Whole Grain. These donuts, part of our line of RTI Magic Ring Filled Donuts, stands apart from our other filled ring flavors for a few reasons:

  • The apple filling made at Baker Boy contains real apples.
  • With the apple-filled whole grain ring, we scaled back the injection just a hair. A typical Magic Ring contains around 21 grams (0.75 oz.) of filling. The apple-filled Magic Ring is 16 grams (0.55 oz.). We did this with schools nutritional standards in mind.
  • The apple-filled ring is made with whole grain flour, which means each donut contains 23.15 grams of whole grain compared to regular Magic Rings, made enriched flour without whole grain. That’s about one-sixth of the recommended daily servings of whole grain.
  • The donuts, which arrive completely finished, frozen and ready to thaw, are 250 calories. This give schools wiggle room to roll them in cinnamon sugar, or lightly ice or glaze them, to enhance the flavor profile.
  • They go great with multiple flavors. We’ve iced them with vanilla and maple frosting, glazed them, rolled them in both sugar and cinnamon sugar, and we’ve discovered that it’s perfectly delicious with no toppings at all thanks to the flavor provided by the real apple filling.

The Magic Ring Apple Filled Donuts, available in September, are barely on the market and have already captured the attention of customers beyond our intended school audience.

Convenience store and supermarket operators have all expressed interested while one of our key distributor partners called the donut’s flavor and taste “exceptional,” during a recent tasting – even suggesting it be marketed to every segment of the food industry.

But perhaps our most indicative moment for these great new donuts was a May taste-test with our hometown Dickinson Public Schools, when student leaders were given the chance to taste the donuts on their final day of classes.

Students were not told what the donut was, nor that it had filling. Nonetheless, of the 37 students who tried the donuts, 33 made positive comments and told us they would eat them again if placed on the school’s menu. The other four all stated they would have liked the donut had it not contained filling.

Knowing full well that not every donut-eater likes filling in their donuts, Baker Boy made sure to also launch an unfilled RTI Ring Donut made with Whole Grain alongside the Apple Filled Magic Rings.

If you want to bring the Magic Ring Apple Filled Donuts to your school, convenience store or supermarket, email us at or call 1-800-437-2008 and ask to speak to one of our customer service specialists.

We’d be happy to provide you samples of these great new donuts, and help you get them on your students’’ plates, or into your bakery case.