Magic Ring Donuts are the only round donuts on the planet that feature filling in every bite. Experience it today!

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Making a little Magic

This story doesn’t have a beginning or end. It’s a circle. A circle with a hole in the middle, to be exact. This is the story of the Magic Ring donut.

What makes a donut magical? Well, it has to be different than all other donuts. Old-fashioned donuts, cake donuts, jelly donuts, frosted donuts, glazed donuts, bear claws, Boston cream donuts, long Johns, elephant ears, donut holes—none of them can compare to the Magic Ring donut.

The Magic Ring donut is a new kind of filled donut, but with a special distinction. Many have tried to achieve such perfection, but Baker Boy was the one to succeed.

A lot of people say, “We don’t want to reinvent the wheel.” The folks at Baker Boy didn’t see “reinventing the wheel” as a bad thing (at least, the type of wheel that is edible). After decades of making delicious donuts daily, Baker Boy’s bakers could have kept on making the classic treat the same way — instead, they thought, “What if we could make these delectable donuts even better?”

See, there was a problem with filled donuts. When you took your first bite, more often than not, you didn’t get any filling. When you got to the middle, there was so much filling it spilled all over! There had to be a solution.

Baker Boy searched high and low, near and far, land and sea, looking for a way to transform the filled donut. Just when it seemed impossible, something amazing happened.

Baker Boy President Guy Moos discovered a mystifying machine with so many moving parts they could barely keep track. With bated breath, they put a classic ring donut into the machine — but when it came out the other side, it looked exactly the same. Nothing had happened after all, they thought sadly.

All their searching had made them hungry, so they split the donut into quarters. When they each picked up their quarter, they saw filling inside — could it be? They tasted the donut — yes, it could! The filling was spread out perfectly, an extraordinary feat! Each bite carried the same amount of delicious filling.

It was the most satisfying donut experience they’d ever had. There was only one way to describe the sensation — magical. And so, the Magic Ring donut was born.

Baker Boy brought its discovery to the world, thrilling town after town with Magic Ring donuts. It became a spectacle, gripping the nation with wonderment. Baker Boy raised the bar on its promise of making delicious donuts daily — and if it’s possible to make an even better donut than the Magic Ring, they’ll find a way.