Magic Ring Donuts are the only round donuts on the planet that feature filling in every bite. Experience it today!

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  • RTI Magic Ring Bavarian Creme Filled Donuts

    The Bavarian Creme filled ring donut is perfectly paired with chocolate or even maple icing while the evenly distributed Bavarian Creme filling provides melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

  • RTI Magic Ring Blueberry Jelly Filled Donuts

    This blueberry-jelly filled ring donut pairs perfect with donut glaze, white icing and, of course, blueberry-flavored icing. Add sprinkles, fresh fruit or alternate colored icings to make this donut stand out.

  • RTI Magic Ring Chocolate & Bavarian Creme Filled Donuts

    Ever had a donut with 2 fillings? Now you can! Try our Chocolate and Bavarian Creme-filled ring donut and experience something unlike anything else in the donut world. This donut works best when paired with chocolate icing and candy toppings.

  • RTI Magic Ring Raspberry Jelly Filled Donuts

    See our twist on the classic Raspberry Jelly donut with this innovative filled ring donut. Raspberry pairs best with white or flavored icing, or even with a donut glaze topping.

  • RTI Magic Ring Strawberry Cream Cheese Filled Donuts

    Eat the donut that has everyone talking! Our strawberry jelly and cream cheese-infused filled ring donut is unlike anything else anywhere. Pair it with white or strawberry-flavored icing for the best experience.